Is Demi Moore Getting Relationship Help from Courteney Cox?

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Demi Moore is seeking some outside help. Of course, this is hardly news seeing that she is divorcing Ashton Kutcher (who was recently spotted with Rihanna). The thing is, Demi’s help may be coming from an unlikely source.

It turns out that the tabloids have done a little snooping and figured out that Courteney Cox may be helping Demi Moore get through the divorce. One thing is certain, Courteney has her work cut out for her. Moore was rumored to be physically ill this week when she learned about Ashton and Rihanna hooking-up.

Apparently, Courteney Cox and Demi were both leaving the exact same ‘self-help’ clinic recently. Is it possible that Courteney is giving Demi a shoulder to lean on during all of this Ashton Kutcher divorce mess?

Perhaps, since Cox has gone through a divorce as well. Then again, this should be old-hat for Moore. Didn’t she split from Bruce Willis? This is hardly Demi’s first break-up.

So, is the Demi Moore really getting relationship help from Courteney Cox? The answer is unclear. People come and go from the same building all the time, so it could just be a coincidence that they both visited the same ‘self-help’ clinic. Then again, it is nice to have friends who can actually understand your pain.

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