Is Disney next for Kate Gosselin’s kids?

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Show business, as the Gosselin kids know it, will end tomorrow—or will it?

Kate Gosselin, who recently purchased a luxury sports car, has also admitted that she is “freaking out” about the cancellation of the TLC reality show Kate Plus 8. However, she has made it clear that she wants to continue being in the spotlight of television. She has already lined up her next gig of co-hosting on CBS’s The Talk.

But what about her children?

Kate tweeted about her 10-year-old Mady: “Aww that Mady… So well spoken! Wants to do MORE TV!!! Disney anyone? Lol”

She put the “Lol” on the end, obviously to show that she is joking, but is she? Kate has made it clear that the family has become accustomed to the income that the show brought in.

Kate has said, “They gave up some freedom, some privacy. As a trade-off we live in a great house…and they go to a great school.”

The sad part is, the kids know what effect the money that show brought in has on their lives. They, too, are worried what will happen. Will they lose all of their privileges that the show entitled including special security (which led to the start of a Facebook campaign stating that the special security for the Gosselin children at the Lancaster Country Day School ruined the other children’s learning experience). Will the kids have to return to a normal life?

The problem is, these kids have had camera following them since they were newborns. To them, that IS a normal life. How can anyone expect them to be able to return to the kind of life that most kids consider normal?

Kate Gosselin has gotten a taste of fame and seems reluctant to give it up, even if it means a better life for her children. Is she just another stage mom who wants to live vicariously through her children?

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