Is Drew Barrymore Going to Have a Baby?

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Rumors are flying around Hollywood that actress Drew Barrymore is pregnant. Certainly her fans would love to see their girl find some happiness with her beloved fiancé. However, the question remains: Are the rumors based in fact or in fiction?

For the moment, Drew isn’t talking. The rumors have more to do with a change in Barrymore’s physique around the belly area. Some believe her expanding waistline and slight belly pooch are indicators that Drew’s got a baby on board.

In a photograph released by TMZ, it does seem as if the lovely actress is carrying a few extra pounds. Could that mean she has a bun in the oven? Of course it could, but it could also mean that she’s found true happiness at last and simply gained a few pounds here and there.

Still, the former Charlie’s Angel also got photographed coming out of doctor’s office a few weeks back. She was clutching what looked like a sonogram picture in her hands at the time. Combine that evidence with the slightly protruding belly and one might naturally draw a pregnancy conclusion.

If there is happy news to announce, Drew Barrymore will do it in her own good time. Until then, speculation and rumors can keep circulating and people are free to draw their own conclusions.

Drew’s matured over the last few years and she may finally be ready for marriage and motherhood. If so, her fans wish her the best.

What do you think? Is Drew pregnant?

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