Is Eddie Murphy Really Dead?

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Eddie Murphy is dead again! Murphy must be a cat with nine lives, because this Labor Day weekend, the rumors of Eddie’s untimely passing are running rampant throughout social media circles, like Twitter.

The sad thing is this sort of meme even exists. Now people are numb to the near weekly rumors of this dead celebrity or that dead celebrity. Whether it is the “Justin Bieber is dead” tweets or the “Charlie Sheen died in a ski accident” posts, it has come to the point that you don’t know what to believe any more.

One thing is for certain, Eddie Murphy is alive and well. The actor didn’t die in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland or fall from a cliff or any other crazy rumor that is reserved for celebrities. He is as dead as Hugh Hefner, Denzel Washington, and Tiger Woods who have also died in such crazy internet rumors.

Perhaps the only question is which celebrity will get the honor of an untimely death bestowed upon them next.

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