Is Eminem the new King of Pop?

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Eminem is being called the new King of Pop. The rap artist surpassed Michael Jackson’s numbers on Facebook… and Lady Gaga’s… putting him in the running to become the new King of Pop. However, Eminem doesn’t really sing “pop” music, so what gives?

Eminem at DJ hero party with d12Facebook has a large bearing on who is “in” and who is “out” when it comes to the music world. It seems that with every new album, numbers change and artists are ranked differently. To put things in to perspective, Britney Spears only has about 8.5 million “likes” on Facebook. Lady Gaga has 30.2 million, Michael Jackson has 29.9 million, and Eminem has 30.4 million!

Eminem very well may have the most likes of any celebrity on Facebook. By taking over the top dogs in pop music, it ranks him very high in the music world. Not everyone likes rap music, but Eminem has tickled many different genres in his career. He is taking over Facebook and he very well may be the new King of Pop.

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