Is Eric Holder Interfering in Wisconsin Recall Election?

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In what could be seen as an attempt to interfere with the Wisconsin recall election, Department of Justice officials, under embattled director Eric Holder, will be “monitoring” the elections to make certain that they comply with their interpretation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Of course, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice’s interpretation of the Voting Rights Act allows for armed thugs to stand outside polling places and intimidate voters—just as long as the thugs support Democrat candidates. But ask a person for an I.D. and Eric Holder and the DOJ cry racism and suppression of minority voter turnout.

The State’s Attorney General’s Office had already announced that it planned to send state investigators to discourage voter fraud, perhaps Eric Holder’s federal thugs plan on following the example of the New Black Panthers and attempt to intimidate the state’s investigators. Republicans charge that voter fraud routinely helps Democratic candidates and as a result, any attempt to discourage voter fraud could be seen by the Democrats as an attempt to hurt Democratic candidates. Could this be the real reason Eric Holder has decided to send his people into the middle of minority populated areas? Is his intent to interfere with the state’s attempt to curtail fraud, and thus aid Democratic candidates?

Given Eric Holder’s past actions, most particularly the time he dropped charges against New Black Panther thugs, it is difficult for the average person to believe that he has good intentions in sending DOJ lawyers to “monitor” the election. While he claims to be upholding the Voting Rights Act, he is only enforcing his interpretation of the Voting rights Act on a State. An interpretation that benefits one political party, the Democrats. Holder’s obvious attempt at interfering in the recall election will fail, like his Fast and Furious program and his attempts to cover up his involvement. Eric Holder may think the Department of Justice is there to help the Democratic party, but the people of Wisconsin will not be intimidated by him or his DOJ “monitors.” Governor Scott Walker is going to be retained, the Democratic challenger will lose, and Eric Holder will not be able to influence the outcome of the recall election no matter how much he tries.

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