Is Extreme Weather on the Rise? (Video)

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A fascinating video posted to YouTube poses the question: Are extreme weather wind events on the rise around the world? A sampling of the many, widespread TV news reports and amateur video, compiled from just the first week of May 2012, seems to say yes.

In an extremely unscientific, but nonetheless compelling manner, the video, posted by SheilaAliens, a prolific commentator on the unusual, strings eight minutes worth of video clips gathered from all corners of the US, and the world, mostly broadcast on local news channels over the last 8 days.

One amazing segment catches the formation and dissipation of a dust devil before an amazed crowd and there’s ample evidence of witnesses scratching their heads over the phenomenon, happening in heretofore unlikely places.

From the evidence presented, it would appear that twisters, tornadoes and dust storms seem to be increasing in fury during what has been, so far, the warmest year on record.

But is it just because the technology in place to chronicle these events is much more prevalent, and more wisely used, than ever before? Local stations are now in HD and pretty much everybody has a camera phone.

It’s a tricky question, and video is hard to argue with.

And, if extreme weather wind events are sharply increasing, what does that mean, anyway? Is it global warming? Climate change? Or just the way Mother Nature has always done business, even if she’s been a bit camera shy?

No matter what the answer is, the question is well asked.

Maybe it’s time to batten down the hatches?

Here’s the video:

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