Is ‘Fat Lady Gaga’ Really a Good Halloween Costume Idea?

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Lady Gaga’s recent weight gain led to a lot of ugly ridicule, and this criticism made the singer decide to speak out about her days as a bulimic teen. So you would think that a Halloween costume poking fun at her weight wouldn’t be the best idea.

For one thing, Gaga doesn’t even look she gained very much weight, and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be labeled “fat.” It’s probably also not the best idea to make a joke out of someone who has suffered from an eating disorder – it would be horrible for them to feel pressure to revert to their old unhealthy habits because of a few cruel people.

However, that didn’t stop the International Business Times from including “Fat Lady Gaga” on its list of the best Halloween costume ideas for 2012.

It’s easy enough to emulate Gaga since so many costume companies make replicas of her most outrageous outfits, and plenty of costume shops also sell fat suits. However, combining these two looks would probably hurt the feelings of plus size women who are out trying to have fun on Halloween – it’s not always easy to find fun costumes in larger sizes, and women who know the pain of looking for plus size costumes certainly wouldn’t appreciate seeing a thinner woman mocking their weight.

Luckily the IB Times also came up with some Halloween costume ideas that aren’t quite as cruel. There’s “Snoop Lion,” the new name that rapper Snoop Dogg has given himself. This look would be easy enough to pull off by combining a lion costume and a pimp costume. Big Bird costumes might also be popular this year since Mitt Romney mentioned the beloved Muppet during a debate. Since Romney threatened to cut funding for PBS, it would be funny to dress as an unemployed Big Bird by carrying around a sign that says “Will Teach ABCs for Food.”

Kristen Stewart has also made the list of popular costumes – Twihards that are still angry with her for cheating on Robert Pattinson might consider dressing up like a “trampire.” This wouldn’t be too hard to do since skimpy and sexy vampire costumes are popular every year. To make sure that other Twihards realize that the costume is supposed to represent Kristen Stewart, it should be accessorized with a Baltimore Orioles baseball cap (Robert Pattinson’s favorite hat that K-Stew always wears); messy, long brunette hair; and dirty Converse sneakers.

To dress like Honey Boo Boo, all that’s needed is a tiara, a pink sparkly dress, a chocolate-smeared face, and a stuffed pig to represent “Glitzy.” 50 Shades of Grey costumes could also be popular, and should be accessorized with grey neck ties, handcuffs, masquerade masks, and thigh-high stockings.

So will you be paying homage to Gaga, Honey Boo Boo, 50 Shades of Grey, “trampires,” or other pop culture phenomena with your Halloween costume?

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