Is ‘Glee’ Actress Dianna Agron Taking on ‘Catching Fire’ Role?

The casting for Catching Fire has caused a lot of debate and speculation over who should take on what. Now one Glee actress is being bounced around as a possibility for the film. The role of Joanna needs to be cast for the new film, and rumors started spinning on Thursday that the film was looking at Dianna Agron as a possibility. She stars as Quinn on the Fox series.

The actress hasn’t signed on to the role yet, but fans are hoping she will, according to Wet Paint. The production of the film in set to start in the fall though. With Quinn’s fate on the series still unknown, Agron might be busy filming for season four then. If that is the case, she might not be able to pick up the role in the next film of The Hunger Games trilogy.

However, Quinn might have her time on Glee done. Fans had thought her time on the series was over during season three already. However, her graduating with the rest of the season class does have fans wondering what could be done next with her.

For those that don’t know, Joanna is another tribute in the film. She will come from District 7 to fight in the 75th Hunger Games, and she has a very tense friendship that develops between Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence in the films, and herself over the course of the last two books of the The Hunger Games trilogy.

Most of the speculation has surrounded the casting of Finnick, and now it is time for the next big role to be debated. Is Agron a good choice for the role? What do you think? Do you want to see her in Catching Fire?

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