Is Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson’s Pretend Gay Couple ‘Larry Stylinson’ a Good Thing?

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Lots of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson fans love the bromance between the two One Direction singers, but a small group of them has taken their admiration for the guys’ touchy-feeling friendship just a little too far—with the creation of “Larry Stylinson.”

“Larry” is the name Directioners have given Harry and Louis as a gay couple; it’s just like Robsten or Brangelina. Directioners like to share photos and videos that “prove” that the guys are secretly dating, and of course, there’s plenty of 1D fan fiction about their rumored relationship.

Hardcore fans of Larry Stylinson have faced ridicule from other Directioners who point out that Louis Tomlinson is in a serious relationship with girlfriend Eleanor Calder, and Harry Styles is linked to a different girl almost every week. Louis and Harry have even denied the relationship themselves, saying that the rumor has put a bit of a strain on their friendship. And obviously Eleanor doesn’t appreciate being labeled a “beard.”

But writer Ben Harvey thinks that there’s actually a positive side to Larry. Harvey gained the support of Directioners after writing about Harry and Louis’ rumored relationship, and in a follow-up piece for The Huffington Post, he expressed his support for Team Larry:

“I don’t find Team Larry to be delusional—far from it. In fact, I believe that whether they’re delusional or not is less important than what this movement offers: some of the most encouraging signs we’ve seen for the future of LGBT equality and acceptance.”

He does make a good point. Instead of fantasizing about being with Harry or Louis, girls want the guys to be happy with each other. These girls will grow out of their Larry fandom eventually, but their love of Larry could mean that they’ll be equally as supportive and tolerant of real gay couples when they encounter them. They could also grow up to vote in support of gay marriage. But hopefully these girls will learn to be a little more respectful of other girls’ feelings, too—it isn’t fair that Eleanor Calder gets written off as a fake girlfriend in their fantasy.

Who knows? Maybe their love of Larry will pave the way for a boy band that features a real gay couple to become the next big thing someday. Just imagine all the ovary-explosion this would cause.

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