Is Harry Styles Bleaching His Hair?!

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If there is one thing that One Direction’s Harry Styles is known for other than that he likes dating cougars it is his hair. That sweet, messy, sorta curly brown mop on top of Hazza’s head drives the girls insane. Directioners would practically kill for the opportunity to run their fingers through it just once.

It sounds like Harry is about to do something drastic to his hair – like bleach it or dye it! Yikes! How will this turn out?

This afternoon, Harry Styles tweeted: “Hairy Styles? @BLEACHLONDON”

What on Earth is Harry doing to his hair?!

Right away, one Directioner responded with a very serious sounding “NO” and another said “wow.”

It sure doesn’t sound like fans are liking the idea of Harry changing up his hair.

Apparently, Harry Styles now has the most requested hair style (bye bye Justin Bieber) of guys hoping to win their girls over with Hazza hair. Perhaps that will soon change?

What do you think of the idea of Harry dyeing or bleaching his hair?

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