Is he or isn’t he . . .? You decide.

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Check him out: 

Obama is Shouting: Can You Hear Him?

He is secretive, but he is also in some ways necessarily not so secretive. In some ways he is providing us with a very detailed picture of who he is and what his intentions are; and that can’t be helped. He must hire the correct person for the appropriate job, and that is done out in the open. No help for it, their backgrounds are then up for inspection.

Because of that one area of necessary openess (plausibly denied on a minute by minute basis) almost to a man/woman, those with whom he surrounds himself virtually shout out who this man, this Obama is.


The Theme

Remember the Black Panthers “guarding” a polling place in 2008? How about those SEIU thugs at that tea party rally in the summer of 2009. Startin’ to seem like a theme . . .

Whitehouse Cast of Characters

With so many Weathermen inhouse, no one should ever get caught in the rain without an umbrella . . .

The Strongmen . . . How ‘Strong’ does Obama aspire to be? (Or, how much of a Strongman does he intend to become?)

“. . . But caudillos have other uses for conflict: it allows them to strengthen the unity of their popular bases and evade the management responsibilities that exercising political power entails. They construct politics in such a way that there will always be an enemy to blame for any problems that arise. . .


Change you CAN depend on . .

A video;    Obama’s “Czars”;    Free speech (or not?). . .




Obama has been giving all of us a “shout out ” in regard to who he is from virtually his first day as Candidate Obama (and before).

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“. . . it is interesting even though horrifying at the same time how the SDS, Weather Underground (Bill Ayers and others including Valerie Jarrett and Jeff Jones), tax cheats, convicts, Black Nationalism, Mao admirers, Che lovers, and Marxism keep finding their way into the background and ideologies of so many of Obama’s past and current associates.

I think the people he chooses and allows to be chosen for him to associate with (employ and endorse), past AND present is a virtual “shout out” from Obama himself describing his own worldview and beliefs. Actions speak louder than words, and Obama’s active and passive choices in this area are starting to drown out any of his spoken words of denial…

So, I was taught birds of a feather flock together.

I’m okay with the birds I’ve been flocking with …

Are you okay with the ones Obama has been, and still is, flocking with?

If so, great … your decision.

But if not, wouldn’t you agree with another quote from the above article … If these are not his beliefs, maybe it’s time even at this late date in his life, to start choosing better people with which to associate himself. Mmm?”


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