Is It Doomsday Yet?

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Doomsday is in 20 days. At least that’s if you’re buying into this mass hysteria stemming from the Mayan calender’s end date. There are some people throughout the world right now counting down the days in fear of some massive end to the human race — and everything else around it. But is the end of the world really going to happen before the holidays?

NASA has pointed out that there are real threats involved in these so-called prophecies surrounding the Mayan calender — and these threats have nothing to do with the world ending. Instead, this panic could cause harm on sensitive individuals who are suicidal or easily influenced to commit acts they wouldn’t otherwise commit. Meanwhile the uproar in Russia has been so intense over the countdown to December 21st, that the Russian government has had to interfere and release statements to put the public at ease.

NASA has not only warned against the actual dangers related to mass hysteria, they’ve debunked some myths pertaining to the year 2012, including whether or not there will be some aligning of planets that cause massive natural disasters. NASA says that there will be no planetary alignment and that even if there was, the tides are controlled by the sun and moon, not planetary alignment. Certainly the experts with NASA are facepalming collectively at the chicken-little behavior being displayed by doomsday prophets and their sheep-like followers. Whether you call it the end of days, Armageddon, Ragnarok, or the big dirt nap — it isn’t going to happen on the 21st, and it’s likely not to happen anytime in the distant future, if at all.

Unfortunately there will still be those who buy into the myths and the hype surrounding end of days prophecies. Remember that Harold Camping took his followers for more than one ride with false predictions of the end of the world — and they kept coming back like loyal house pets that had been broken. The end of the world will probably come when people stop buying into prophets claiming that the end of the world is near.

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