Is it fair to blame Chris Dodd for AIG Bonuses?

Oh yeah! Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd has guilt written all over those AIG bonus sweetheart deals.  No one is responsible?  Read on.  

 “Some of the worst blows came amid the furor over $165 million in bonuses American International Group Inc. paid some of its employees while receiving billions of dollars in federal bailout money. After first denying it, Dodd admitted he agreed to a request by Treasury Department officials to dilute an executive bonus restriction in the big economic stimulus bill that Congress passed last month. The change to Dodd’s amendment allowed AIG to hand out the bonuses and sparked a blame game between Dodd and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Dodd was guarded Thursday when asked about Geithner.

“This is obviously a matter that obviously should have been dealt with differently, but we are where we are,” he said.

Republicans branded Dodd’s reversal “astonishing and alarming” and fingered Dodd as the top recipient of campaign cash from AIG employees over the years.

The GOP is slamming Dodd, claiming he is cozying up to Wall Street insiders, raking in bundles of their campaign cash, shirking his banking panel duties and running for president as the economic crisis erupted in 2007.

He’s also under investigation by a Senate”

In addition, executives at AIG all claim they are not responsible.  Obama last night on Jay Leno admitted he is ultimately responsible for what happens on his watch.  That’s impressive.  Someone taking responsibltiy. It’s about time.  Good for Obama.


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