Is It Summer, Finally?!

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Man, after waiting for what seems like forever, we finally have those 70 degree sunny days, we all love and cherish! Of course, I spend all my nice days working indoors LOL. I’m just happy I can see the sun again :-)

Don’t really have to much going on right now. Justin and I are still going through this whole stupid “buying a house” process….Can’t tell you how much of a roller coaster it’s been so far.

Work is going well. Not too many long hours this week….since it’s relatively a “bad month.” It’s already the 11th of the month and we only have 4 or 5 cars out…..yicks. But I got some applications today, so hopefully some good will come out of that!

This weekend, Justin and I are taking a trip up to visit with my parents up in Cadillac (about 3 hours from us,) which I’m really excited about! I haven’t seen my mom since Easter (saw my dad this past weekend while he was in town helping my Grandma out.) So I’m excited :-) I guess, my parents want to take us to Mackinaw City and maybe eat dinner on the island, but we will see. Who knows. Justin and I haven’t actually been up to see my mom and dad since…. last September actually….so we’re definitely owe them a visit. It’ll be nice.


How are things going for you guys? Anything new?

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