Is J.R. Smith the real Kobe stopper?

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All this time I thought Ruben Patterson was the real Kobe stopper, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t J.R. Smith.  The Denver guard let us all know via his Twitter account that “kobe is great but not when he play me.”  Despite J.R.’s excellent grammar, I think he has an excellent point.  I mean Smith has proven to us that he can take care of Kobe just this past weekend.  Wait.  The Nuggets kind of lost that game.  Never mind.  I’ll just take J.R.’s word for it.

I’m sure the text was in good fun.  Kobe completely brushed off the jab as nothing more than that.  The only thing left is the see an epic showdown in the playoffs where J.R. shuts Kobe down and his proclamations come to fruition.   I’m thinking more along the lines of Kobe scoring 30 a night on him, but hell anything can happen in the NBA, right?

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