Is Jack Culolias in the Water?

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The disappearance of Jack Culolias remains unsolved to the dismay of his loved ones, while officials focus their searches on bodies of water. This is a quickly developing case that is certainly drawing negative attention to Arizona State University (ASU) and the fraternity culture. The family of this missing man believes that extreme hazing played a part in his disappearance—and what may turn out to be his death.

“Please, if anyone else can help, any other resources than I can get on my side, please, step forward. Help me.”

Those are the words of Jack’s mother, one of the family members who believe that he fell victim to foul play within his own fraternity—which he had just joined. Police haven’t confirmed whether or not Jack’s disappearance is connected to his fraternity, but this source points out that “fraternity row” has been a problem at ASU in the past. The frat houses have been leveled, but that doesn’t stop the college hazing that takes place off campus.

If hazing was what led to Jack’s disappearance, what can be done? Until Jack Culolias is found, these questions probably won’t have answers. Officials are focusing their searches on a riverbed and Tempe Town Lake, using dogs, divers and choppers overhead. This is an extensive search and officials in Maricopa County are doing their best to locate the missing man. This is the area where one of his sneakers were located, even though his friends claimed to had seen him getting into a taxi outside of Cadillac Ranch bar—where he was thrown out for being drunk. If he’s found in the water, will this mean the friends are not being truthful about seeing him leave in a cab, or could this taxi driver be a witness to a crime, or something worse? There are just so many variables in this case that it’s nearly impossible to speculate.

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