Is Jane Velez-Mitchell a big fake phony?

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Is Jane Velez-Mitchell a big fake phony? The HLN anchor was recently filmed–obviously without her knowledge–while interviewing a young woman who once lived with Travis Alexander. During the interview, the cameras were pointed on the young redheaded woman while Jane stood out of the frame, holding the mic in the girl’s face. It was a pretty routine interview, except for the anchor’s behavior while she was out of the frame. Someone who was filming the interview with his own recording device captured what looks like a display of complete and total dishonesty in quite a despicable way.

In the video below you can see the video that was uploaded.The source that received the video was told in a note along with the video that “this is what gives you guys in the media a bad name”–and the writer of that note is absolutely right. If Jane Velez-Mitchell was truly doing what she very clearly appears to be doing, then this is a sad and unforgiveable display.

What makes it worse–if things are what they seem–is that the woman being interviewed was once close with Jodi Arias’s murder victim. This is someone who is grieving the death of someone she cares about, and certainly does not need to be coaxed into crying. It’s pretty pathetic that any anchor for any network would try to coax someone with these kinds of facial features and gestures–as if she were coaxing a pageant child to act her heart out during the talent portion of a pageant. Watch the clip below: (pppsssst… notice how she stops her behavior immediately after interrupted on her headset. You think someone told her she was being filmed!?)

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