Is Jealous Harry Styles Copying One Direction Bandmate Niall Horan’s Look?

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It looks like Harry Styles is insecure. Don’t know what for!

The One Direction singer makes the ladies swoon in Great Britain but is reportedly upset that American girls like Niall Horan better — so Harry is copying his bandmate’s look, the Daily Mail is reporting.

Harry and Niall were spotted Tuesday at a Los Angeles recording studio wearing almost identical outfits: short-sleeved white shirts and khakis. The only difference: Harry wore white sneakers, while Niall donned blue kicks.

The Daily Mail claims Harry is trying to “narrow the popularity gap” by copying Niall’s “laidback style,” but khakis and white shirts are pretty common items of clothing, so it’s doubtful Harry deliberately tried to dress like Niall.

The Daily Mail report comes on the heels of a story in Closer, which claims Harry’s ego has been bruised because “the girls in the U.S. seem to be absolutely obsessed with Niall. They love the fact he’s Irish and looks like the perfect all-American boy. He gets swamped with girls wherever he goes. Zayn [Malik] is a close second — he’s very cheeky and confident, which is going down well. It’s definitely been a bit of a knock to Harry’s ego, as he’s used to being the heartthrob back home. It’s only natural that the boys are now competing for attention. It’s causing a bit of tension.”

All the One Direction guys are total cuties, so Harry should relax because they’re all going to have rabid fans. Besides, after 18-year-old Harry’s fling with 32-year-old British television host Caroline Flack (go, girl!), suggestion that 31-year-old Kim Kardashian “call me, maybe” (gross) and comment that 48-year-old First Lady Michelle Obama is a “very attractive older woman” (that’s an understatement), he’s got the cougar demographic locked up. Maybe One Direction ought to consider doing a cover of “Mrs. Robinson.” Coo coo ca choo!

What do you think? Is Harry Styles jealous of Niall Horan and copying his look? Who’s your favorite One Direction guy? Sound off in the comments!

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