Is Jenelle Evans Having Second Thoughts About Boyfriend Courtland Rogers

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Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend Courtland Rogers have been dating for just two months and have already broken up once, been rumored to have gotten engaged, and now, they may have broken up once again. Just days after Courtland claimed to be planning to get down on one knee in front of Jenelle, the Teen Mom 2 star has tweeted a few cryptic things which sounds like she’s once again ready to call it quits.

On Saturday night, Jenelle tweeted, “You DEF arent touching my body tonight, not even the touch of my skin tonight or possibility forever….” While she didn’t say exactly who she meant, it seemed clear to fans that she was speaking of her boyfriend. Then, early this morning, she wrote, “Thanks everyone is for caring. i love him SO much but idk about this one. @courtyb11.”

What is going on with these two now? They seemed to be so in love, always tweeting sweet nothings to one another, and Jenelle had even been wearing a non-engagement engagement ring. They even had been spending time with each other’s children. So what went wrong this time?

From the looks of it, the two got into a fight this weekend — and it may have turned violent. “I haven’t been online. My iPhone is smashed I have no way to use the internet BUT the laptop soooo sorry if I haven’t been updating lately.” Could her boyfriend have broke her phone in a fit of rage? Courtland doesn’t seem to be the violent type, but Jenelle’s prior boyfriend have, so is she stuck in a pattern of being attracted to men who are no good for her?

Fans will have to wait and see what comes of this seemingly dark situation.

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