Is Jenelle Evans Homeless and Broke?

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Jenelle Evans is once again in the headline for being broke. Earlier in the summer, reports surfaced that after getting a boob job and going on several shopping sprees, she was unable to support herself, and now, they are back. This time, they are coming from someone who was once close to her.

James Duffy tells OK! Magazine, “Jenelle has blown through $16,000 in the last two months and she is completely broke.” The magazine claims James is a friend of Jenelle’s, but they are wrong. Jenelle and James’ friendship ended months ago and they are by no means even tolerant of each other, so how would he know anything about her finances?

What is actually going on with Jenelle is that she had moved out of the apartment she shared with Kieffer Delp to move up north. However, the two split so she moved in with her mother until she finds a new place. She is in no way, shape, or form homeless. In fact, just today she and her new boyfriend were looking for new places.

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