Is Jenelle Evans Smoking Pot Again?

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Jenelle Evans’ drug use during the first and second seasons of Teen Mom 2 have followed her throughout her life and while she claims to have been sober for the last several months, a recent Facebook post seems to prove otherwise and now, fans are wondering if she is no longer clean, or if it was all a big misunderstanding.

When a friend of Courtland’s claimed Jenelle smokes Hydro and takes Xanax and pain killers all night, Jenelle accused her of “spying” and failed to deny the claims, instead saying, “You smoked with us.. and took Courtland’s pills.” During the argument, Jenelle admitted that she does take Hydrocone, a pain killer, as well as Adavan, an anti-anxiety medication, but the most shocking part of the conversation was that she appears to have admitted to smoking again.

Has Jenelle really fallen off the bandwagon? Fans will have to wait and see what comes of this, but as it stands, it’s not looking good for Jenelle. Hopefully, if she has relapsed, she can get back on the right track before something bad happens.

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