Is Jennifer Aniston Embarrassed by Engagement Ring?

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Jennifer Aniston finally debuted her engagement ring Monday, two months after Justin Theroux proposed. But is the press and public’s negative reaction to the bling keeping her from showing it off again?

According to the Boston Herald, when Jennifer and Justin were in town recently, “the A-Lister took great pains to keep her huge bridal bling hidden from the paparazzi during a trip over to Kendall Square. She actually stuck her hand in her purse!” (There are more pics of her hiding her hand here.)

There’s a chance that Jennifer hid her hand because she obviously had an exclusive with the agency that took the ring photos, and she didn’t want someone in Boston to get pics of it and screw up her deal. It’s unlikely that after she waited so long to debut the ring and then finally showed it off in those obviously staged photos, she suddenly got shy and decided to hide it. So there’s also a good chance that she is upset about the backlash. She’s usually lauded for her style, so she probably wasn’t anticipating that the ring — which has been estimated at anywhere from eight to 18 carats — would be derided as too big, too gaudy and of poor quality. If she’s embarrassed, could she have it reset to make it more aesthetically pleasing? Or is she stuck with it the way it is now that everyone’s seen it? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if she tries to hide it again (or doesn’t wear it at all) the next time she goes out in public.

What do you think? Is Jennifer Aniston embarrassed by her engagement ring? Do you like the ring or think it’s too big? Sound off in the comments!

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