Is Jennifer Aniston now pregnant with Brad Pitt’s baby?!

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Brad Pitt sure does get around! His current partner, Angelina Jolie, is reportedly pregnant with their seventh child, and his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, may also currently be knocked up with his baby, The National Enquirer is reporting!

According to the mag, the Friends star has kept the Moneyball star’s sperm “on ice” since their 2005 split, per the recommendation of her friend, the late agent Sue Mengers.

“It’s incredible to think that Jen might have kept a sample of Brad’s sperm locked away all this time,” a “friend” dishes to the mag. “But it was always Jen’s dream to have a baby with Brad.”

And now “sources close” to Jennifer claim she could even be expecting twins!

“With in vitro fertilization, that’s always a possibility,” The Enquirer‘s source says.

This is just the most laughably obvious made-up story ever. If Jennifer Aniston wanted to have a kid with Brad Pitt, she would have had one while they were married and not seven years after their divorce. Her reluctance to start a family is one of the main reasons cited for their split. She doesn’t even seem like she really wants to have a kid at all, or she probably would have had one by now instead of giving quotes to various media outlets saying that she has no plans to get pregnant and “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” Besides, after all the stories over the years about how Jennifer and Brad aren’t even on speaking terms anymore, would she really want to have his child and be reminded every single day of a relationship that pretty spectacularly imploded? Plus, it’s doubtful Angelina would have allowed Brad to give up a sample to his ex-wife, and if he did, he probably would have faced some serious wrath. At least The Enquirer realizes how outlandish its story is by couching everything in “may” and “might” terms. But you know that if Jennifer actually gets pregnant, even though her boyfriend of record at the moment is Justin Theroux and those two have reportedly been using fertility treatments to get pregnant, the tabloids are going to have years of “who’s the daddy, Justin or Brad?” material. The Jennifer-Brad-Angelina love triangle will never die!

What do you think? Could Jennifer Aniston be pregnant with Brad Pitt’s child? Is this the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever read? Sound off in the comments!

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