Is Jennifer Aniston Trying for a Baby or Already Pregnant?

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are reportedly trying for a baby already—in fact, Jen might already be pregnant. So are they moving too fast?

Justin left his girlfriend of 13 years to date his Wanderlust costar, so it would probably be a smart idea for Jen to be a little cautious about moving too quickly with him. After all, it could be hard to trust a guy that has no problem just dropping such a serious commitment. However, perhaps Jen is feeling inspired by how well things have been going for Brad Pitt since he dumped her for Angelina Jolie. If that home wrecker can make things work, then why can’t she?

jennifer-aniston-7She’s already decided to move in with Justin Theroux, and Jennifer Aniston is reportedly not ready to stop there—she allegedly already wants to have a baby with him. But before Jen gets judged for moving way too fast with Justin, everyone needs to remember that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met on the set of a movie and had their daughter Shiloh after being together for just a year. And so far getting pregnant and having a baby so quickly definitely hasn’t had a negative effect on Angie’s relationship with Brad.

An insider says that Jen and Justin have talked at length about getting married and starting a family very soon, so maybe Jen will try to slightly alter her life path from Angelina Jolie’s by choosing to walk down the aisle before getting pregnant. And even if Jennifer Aniston does end up knocked up before getting married, who can blame the gal for taking advantage of her current situation?

Jen is in love with a guy that seems pretty crazy about her, and she’s not getting any younger—any woman who actually wants kids would really start to feel their biological clock ticking at age 42. She and Justin reportedly have different feelings for one another than they had in past romances, so it’s even possible that Jen is more in love with Justin than she was with Brad. If this is the case, he might be the first man that’s made her want to become a baby maker.

In fact, she’s supposedly already showing signs of pregnancy, including covering up her stomach, getting sick, and giving up booze and cigarettes. So if Jen is already pregnant, hopefully everyone lets her enjoy it. After all, if she waits too long, she might never get to experience the joy of being a mom.

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