Is Jennifer Lopez Giving Boy Toy Casper Smart $10K Per Week?

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Jennifer Lopez is used to being in relationships with wealthy celebrities like Diddy, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony. Now she’s dating a 24-year-old backup dancer, Casper Smart, who has had to borrow money from her. So what’s Jenny from the Block’s solution to Casper’s money woes? Give him an allowance.

According to Star (via Gossip Cop), J.Lo is giving Casper a “stipend” of $10,000 a week, because, according to a “source,” “She hated having to whip out her credit card every time they go to dinner. And it bummed her out that Casper had to borrow money from her to buy Christmas presents, including hers.”

So now she has a kept man!

“Jen is hoping Casper won’t think twice about buying presents for her kids or whisking her off for a surprise weekend getaway,” Star‘s source says. “She can take care of herself just fine, but she’s old-fashioned when it comes to wanting the man to take charge.”

Um … she knows she’s still technically paying for all that, right?

Of course now that Casper is getting paid, he’s “learning to live like a star,” buying new clothing, staying in luxury hotels and flying on private jets. (Did any of that money go for his legal fees in his recent reckless driving case?) And J.Lo’s soon-to-be-ex-hubby, Marc Anthony, is “livid that Jennifer is throwing money away on this punk!”

A rep for J.Lo calls the story “totally inaccurate,” which is hopefully true. She has every right to spend her money how she sees fit, but no one thinks this relationship is anything more than a fleeting rebound, so even if $10,000 a week is just pocket change for her, she’s still throwing it away. Hopefully she doesn’t marry and divorce this guy. Then she’ll really be paying — and it’ll cost her a lot more than what she’s giving him now!

What do you think? Should Jennifer Lopez give Casper Smart $10,000 per week? Should she save that money for when she’s no longer famous and raking in the cash? Sound off in the comments!

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