Is ‘Jersey Shore’ Snooki Promoting Anal Sex?

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A large young audience is looking forward to tomorrow’s season premiere of Jersey Shore. And it is no secret that parents don’t necessarily think that the cast is promoting the best lifestyle; the residents on Seaside sleep in all day, party all night, work out with a hangover and tan until their skin turns orange. And in a new clip for the new season, Snooki offers her friend Deana some odd advice.

When Deana tells Snooki that she doesn’t want to have sex with random boys at the club, Snooki tells her that she should just go for some anal sex. To be more precise, Snooki’s advice is “just have butt sex.” Although she may just have meant it as a joke and said it in the heat of the moment, many younger audiences watching Jersey Shore may take such advice to heart and see it as an alternative way to have sex—but yet not have sex.

Was this random statement good for Snooki’s image, considering she is often a role model for younger girls because of her outspoken personality? In recent weeks, she has also made headlines for losing lots of weight and promoting a healthier lifestyle, so many could start following her advice because of her successful weight loss.

What do you think: random drunken statement or is Snookie promoting anal sex?

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