Is Jessica Simpson’s Bestie CaCee Cobb Pregnant?

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Is Jessica Simpson’s best friend CaCee Cobb pregnant? Cobb recently married her longtime boyfriend Donald Faison of the hit television show Scrubs. Jessica Simpson was CaCee’s maid of honor and Zach Braff was best man. Since the wedding was a secret, many of the paparazzi were unaware it was taking place and sparked rumors.

According to some distasteful media, the secret wedding signaled of an impending pregnancy. After Jessica Simpson’s recent announcement of being pregnant with her second child just months after her first daughter Maxwell was born, poor Cobb got sucked in.

Then the very unfortunate happened. Cobb was photographed alongside unbelievably skinny Ashlee Simpson while frolicking in the ocean. Media has swarmed the newlywed bride claiming she is sporting a baby bump.

Four-year-old Bronx even had some fun in Oahu, Hawaii with mom Ashlee by his side. According to PopSugar, the Simpson’s matriarch Tina joined in on the fun while Jessica sat nearby out of sight.

It is quite a shame that a woman who is very thin and fit is automatically touted as pregnant because a slight curvature in her abdomen. Anyone, including Mick Jagger would look pregnant alongside the youngest Simpson as her towering frame is of skeletal proportions.

Whether CaCee Cobb is pregnant or not, why not let her announce it? Does the media not know it is incredibly rude to assume a woman is pregnant?

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