Is Jessica Simpson’s Fiance Eric Johnson Cheating on Her?

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A recent rumor has Eric Johnson cheating on new mom and fiancée Jessica Simpson–with his ex-wife. Is poor Jessica working hard at losing her baby weight and parenting little Maxwell while Eric Johnson plays around?

According to a report from RadarOnline, that’s not quite the way it goes–but Johnson isn’t 100 percent in the clear. In fact, Jess might have a few bones to pick with him before they take that walk down the aisle.

?Jessica Simpson Collection?A friend of Johnson’s ex-wife, Keri Johnson, is certainly no friend of Eric’s. In fact, she isn’t so sure Jessica should marry him at all.

“He’s a two-timing cheat!” she says. “He was still having sex with Keri after he started seeing Jessica. She needs to think twice before marrying him. He’s already cheated on her once — he’ll most likely do it again.”

It seems that things were pretty rocky with Eric and Keri, so he suggested they ‘take a break’ from one another in an effort to ‘strengthen’ their marriage. Eric started dating the Dukes of Hazard star almost immediately. She knew Eric was married, but did she know they were still intimate?

Will news of this rumor have an impact on Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson’s nuptials? No date has yet been set, but Jess hinted to Katie Couric that it would likely take place in 2013.

“It won’t be this year,” she told Katie. “I really want to do a big, fun wedding with my friends and family.”

Do you think Jessica should reconsider marrying Eric Johnson? Or do you think it’s simply his ex-wife’s friend’s loyalty that’s fueling the rumor of his infidelity?

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