Is Jessica Simpson’s post-baby body a ‘turnoff’ for fiancé Eric Johnson?

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Poor Jessica Simpson. She reportedly gained 80 pounds while pregnant, and because she’s breastfeeding she’s still eating for two. So six weeks after giving birth to her first child, she’s struggling to start losing the baby weight—and it’s affecting her relationship!

According to The National Enquirer, Jessica’s fiancé Eric Johnson is “less than thrilled” with her “constant complaining about her post-pregnancy body”—so much so that he thinks she’s “a real turnoff!”

“Jessica was once famous for hav­ing a body to die for, but now she’s a mess. Her body has gone to hell,” a “source” tells the mag. “Her stomach is bloated and laced with stretch marks, and flaps of skin hang over her jeans in a post-pregnancy muffin top. It’s got Jessica down in the dumps and wor­ried that Eric is turned off by her body [editor’s note: he’s obviously not turned off since she told People they were getting busy again soon after she gave birth].”

Cut the poor girl some slack. She just had a baby! Muffin top and a bloated belly happen when you’re pregnant (and eat buttered Pop-Tarts for nine months). And she gained so much weight she was obviously never going to be one of those women who was back to a size 2 within a couple weeks of giving birth. What’s that old saying about nine months on, nine months off?

But The Enquirer claims that although Jessica and Eric couldn’t be happier now that they’re parents, she’s panicking about her post-baby body—which The Enquirer helpfully points out includes “saggy breasts” and a “flabby double chin” and was obviously photoshopped in her People spread last week. And although Jessica signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Weight Watchers, Eric is skeptical that she’ll be able to lose the pounds.

“When she got preg­nant, Jessica went on a nine-month food bender,” The Enquirer‘s source says. “She was packing away up to 3,000 calories a day and she still feels like a horse because she’s breastfeeding. Eric loves Jessica no matter what and he’s sick and tired of hearing her whine about her new body. But he’s turned off by her lack of self-confidence.”

That’s nice that Eric isn’t pressuring Jessica to get back into the gym. Considering she was already battling her weight before she got pregnant, he clearly doesn’t mind a woman with a little meat on her bones. It must really suck for Jessica to have that Weight Watchers deal hanging over her, but as long as she keeps her weight-loss goals realistic (she’s probably never going to fit into those Daisy Dukes again) and lays off the buttered Pop-Tarts, she’ll definitely be able to lose some pounds and start to feel better about herself.

What do you think? Is Jessica Simpson panicking about her post-baby body? Should she relax? Sound off in the comments!

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