Is Jodi Arias A Psychopath?

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Jodi Arias will take the stand again today in the murder trial against her. She says she, in defense of her own life, did stab, shoot, and slit the throat of her lover, Travis Alexander, on June 4th, 2008, in his Mesa, Arizona home. His body was found 5 days later by friends who had thought he had gone on vacation.

Dr. Scott Bonn is a crime expert and assistant professor of sociology at Drew University, who says that Arias’ testimony is plastic and unnatural, though it’s been overly rehearsed. He said, “She claims to be abused and humiliated, and yet she demonstrates almost no emotional reaction while describing the incidents. Where [are] the agony, humiliation and rage that led her to stab Travis 27 times, slit his throat and shoot him in the head for good measure? Instead, Jodi gives every sign of being a sociopath who can lie easily and be detached while describing her feelings, and then snap and strike out with extreme rage as she clearly did in murdering Travis.” Dr. Bonn, along with criminal forensic psychologist, Dr. Maurice Godwin, believes Jodi shows clear signs of being disconnected from the crime she has committed, showing no remorse or emotions relating to the murder of the man she claims to have loved. Godwin said, “There is a disconnect between the violent nature of her actions, the crime itself and the normal empathy that she should be displaying, especially if it was really self-defense.”

The prosecution has gone above and beyond, showing that, not only did Jodi Arias repeatedly lie about the events of the day Travis was murdered, she also premeditated the crime, making her eligible for the death penalty. Does she deserve to die for her crime? She originally told detectives that she was not present when Travis died, and that she hadn’t seen him in a few months. Then, after confronted with evidence that she had been at the crime scene, she changed her story to tell of two masked intruders who had attacked her and Travis, letting her leave the home alive, after which she drove into the desert and didn’t tell anyone about the attack. Her story later changed to say that she had killed Travis, in her own defense, after he had attacked her.

Godwin does think that Travis did use Jodi sexually and may have taken advantage of her lack of sexual boundaries but lawyer and legal analyst Anne Bremner looks from another side. “”She loved him, she did what he wanted [and] he humiliated her in sex and [through] text. He wouldn’t hold her hand or acknowledge her in public.” However, even with that being true, Travis did not deserve the terrible attack that led to his death.

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Rumor has it Jodi will be sharing information this week which will lead the public to believe that he was a pedophile and became increasingly violent towards her after she discovered his proclivities, leading her to fear him enough to kill the 30-year-old entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

These experts to seem to think that Jodi is not genuine in her tale, that her lack of emotions are telling of the fact that she’s lying. Well, it obviously wouldn’t be the first time. Much like the Casey Anthony trial, the jury will have to wade through the piles of lies to get to the truth of what happened to Travis. With her testimony slowly approaching the day she killed Travis, the wild ride is about to begin. Hold on, folks, and remember, she has lied before.

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