Is Joe Jonas a Copycat?

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Joe Jonas is most famous for rocking out with his brothers, Kevin and Nick. The brothers recently decided to pursue separate endeavors and Joe is now releasing a solo album on October 11th. However, Joe is now coming under fire for his new music video “Just In Love.”

No, parents are not up in arms over the sexiness of the video – yet. Rather, the controversy surrounds the video imagery which has two producers calling Joe a copycat.

The Polish Brothers claim that many of the images in “Just In Love” are eerily similar to those in their small independent film “For Lovers Only.” Each video revolves around lovers in Paris, which isn’t exactly a unique story line.

However, after close examination of both pieces, the similarities are clear. Though, does this make Joe Jonas a copycat? The Polish Brothers have even admitted that their film was highly influenced by a 1966 film.

It is not uncommon for an artist to gain inspiration from another’s work. Perhaps the director of the new video was a fan of “For Lovers Only” and used that influence for the music video? Maybe they didn’t think anyone would notice the subtle similarities between a (soon to be) well known music video and an unknown indie film.

After watching the video, parents will probably be outraged by the premise. It seems that Jonas is suffering from Miley Cyrus syndrome. He is grown up and wants to shed his clean-cut Disney image. The sad part about all of it is Joe Jonas once had strong morals and even wore a purity ring. It is sad to see him succumbing to the pitfalls of Hollywood.

Watching the video, a Justin Timberlake vibe is obvious. Is Joe Jonas hoping to break out of his boy band image like Timberlake did?

What do you think of Joe Jonas’ new music video? Do you see any similarities?

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