Is Justin Bieber A Virgin?

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Is Justin Bieber still a virgin? Despite his PDA-filled romance with Selena Gomez, the question of JB’s sexual experience or lack thereof bedevils the world. So interested are some beliebers in Justin’s sexual history, that one fan site conducted an online poll on that very question. The results are intriguing.

Reportedly, only 29.12 percent of the poll’s respondents believed Justin Bieber is a virgin. Just what they think he and Selena do behind closed doors is anybody’s guess. At least they believe the JB is a man of “honor”–albeit an extremely frustrated one. Of course, many of those hard-core beliebers who think the Justin is pure also believe they’ll be his first.

“i love him” wrote Tara, ” and i dont want anybody 2 have sex with him except meeeeeeeeeee…i think the one who starts this rumor is really mean and bad and just jealous and wants 2 make us belibers get sad and then hate Justin p.s : i am not gonna hate Justin… that will never happen Â….unless he does something Â…..u know BADÂ…”

Yes, well Tara will be devastated to learn that 45.81 percent of Justin Bieber fans believe that the Biebs has indeed been “bad.” In other words, they don’t believe he’s still a virgin. Many are outraged, not only because they won’t get to be his first but also because he failed to keep his word about waiting til marriage. Ironically JB never promised to do that. What he said was that people should wait to have sex until they’re really in love. No matter. Some beliebers waxed almost hysterical at the thought of a sexually active Baby singer. Others like CharlinexoxoJB were more understanding.

“…I think he is not a virgin anymore,” she wrote. “but on the other side I think he still is virgin, because he said he wanna wait for the girl he loves…, and also selena still has this purity ring, so I’m not sure maybe he is still a virgin or not, but I don’t care I will always love him no matter what”

Still others showed remarkable maturity and understanding.

“he is not a virgin,” wrote Polia Mal. “hes 17 and has selena gomez as a gf of course they bang lol silly little kids calm down and stop saying hes bad… people hav sex get over it stop making him feel badÂ…”

Of course, only JB really knows whether he’s a virgin or not. If he and Selena Gomez have never been intimate, even she can’t be certain that he’s never had sex with someone before her. Which may be one of the things that made some respondents regard the entire question as just a joke. Especially among the 25.07 percent who answered “I don’t know.” As one fan more colorfully put it:

“Justin Bieber? A virgin? Hahaha!”

So, there you have it. Justin Bieber: virgin. Or not. What do you think?

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