Is Justin Bieber Going Insane Or Is He Just An Idiot?

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Pictures of Justin Bieber strutting around London wearing a gas mask would suggest the poor lad’s having a meltdown, or perhaps he’s just an over-indulged idiot?

When a mighty ginger rock star such as Axl Rose decides to turn up a couple of hours later for a gig, it’s kind of annoying; but as he wears leather trousers, has long hair and screams a lot about his personal pain, everything is forgiven in the name of rock n’ roll.

Yet, when a metro-sexual, dangerously underweight pop tart attempts to turn a similar trick as Biebr did in London recently at the O2 Arena, it’s not going to wash at all well with the hordes of hormonal teens who have school the next day and eating issues to contend with.

So after taking a right slamming in the press by the angry parents who are no doubt worn and weary with trying to console their raging ‘Bieberettes’, how does bustin’ Justin react?

The boy wonder does what all good celebrities do in times of stress, and that’s take to Twitter and righteously rant about being a “good person”, who “only God can judge.”

File:Justin Bieber - My World Tour 2011 - Sentul International Convention Center 23 April 2011.jpg

Pictured above is Bieber: “Is there anybody out there who can help me?

That he took to Twitter to inanely rant about nothing in particular is no surprise in itself. It’s what celebrities do for a living, they call it therapeutic. However, the signs that Justin Bieber might be having what they call in the business a complete meltdown, is suggested by such bizarrely fantastic tweets as “But know this…I’m only judged by one power, and I serve him.”

Further suggestions that the American lad might be harboring all the troublesome tendencies of a messiah complex were fueled by the fact that when the 19-year-old pop brat finally decided to put down his Playstation controller and take to the stage, he floated in wearing a huge and offensive pair of angel wings. Heavens above!

Yet the final cherry on top of the sloppy, sprawling and insane mess of a cake that is Bieber’s reality, was pictures of the dozy ponce parading about London wearing a gas mask.

You can see the pictures here and decide for yourself–is the poor boy going crazy or is he just one more idiot in a world that has too many freaks and not enough circuses.

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