Is Justin Bieber Hinting that Selena Gomez Cheated on Him?

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Justin Bieber was taped performing Justin Timberlake’s song “Cry Me a River” just one day after the news broke that he and Selena Gomez decided to split. So was Justin using the song to let his fans know that Selena cheated on him?

As TMZ points out, Timberlake wrote the song after he and Britney Spears broke up. It’s obvious that the tune is about a lover being wronged with lyrics like this: “You don’t have to say whatcha did / I already know, I found out from him / Now there’s just no chance.”

A lot of Jelena fans seem to believe that Justin Bieber caused this split after spending time with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, but perhaps he was just using the model to get revenge on Selena Gomez for cheating on him.

In the “Cry Me a River” music video, Timberlake catches his lover with another man and gets revenge on her by breaking into her house and videotaping himself having sex with another woman. Of course the Biebs would never entertain the thought of making a sex tape with Barbara Palvin, so perhaps he saw taking a few photos with the model as a just-as-effective way of getting revenge. Selena did take notice—she retweeted one of the pictures.

Or perhaps the Biebs was just feeling heartbroken, not vengeful. It’s possible that he decided to sing the song simply because he’s been crying over losing Selena.

He might also see himself and Selena as this generation’s Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, so maybe he was just singing the song to let his fans know that Jelena is really over.

At least he can look at Timberlake’s life as a source of hope—now the former boy band star is married to hottie Jessica Biel.

So do you think that Selena cheated on Justin?

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