Is Justin Bieber Making Christianity Tattoos Cool?

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Justin Bieber recently revealed a brand new tattoo on the back of his leg. It is a giant picture of Jesus. Surely, Bieber has been more than vocal about his belief in God and how Jesus is an inspiration for him, but he is not the only one deciding to get ink to prove dedication to Christianity. Demi Lovato and Tim Tebow are not afraid to show their dedication to religion. But is it becoming a trend?

Whittier College Religious Studies professor Joseph L. Price has weighed in on this religious tattoo phenomenon. “Today’s young people are impressed by the position and appearance of these celebrities. Simply because of their popularity and prominence they are perceived as heroes and role models,” Price explains. So Justin Bieber getting a huge tattoo may have a positive influence on his religious fans, even if they are not ready to get tattoos. Justin, dating Selena Gomez, is the poster child for acting appropriate for his age. He hasn’t been caught partying despite almost turning 18 and he hasn’t been caught up in his fame.

“A lot of people who are religious, I think they get lost. They go to church just to go to church. I’m not trying to disrespect them, but for me, I focus more on praying and talking to him,” Justin has shared about his relationship with God. And Price recognizes this as inspirational. “

“When celebrities express appreciation to God for their talents this generation will see it as aspirational.” I think that’s what we’re seeing Justin do now, whether it’s in his choice of body art or in how he has, in recent months, been more explicitly vocal — unprompted, largely — about his faith,” Price explains. So Bieber is not afraid of sharing his beliefs, meaning he could become a huge icon for those teenagers who may be confused about their faith or refuse going to church despite being Christian.

Despite seeing tattoos as the worst thing possible, parents should be pleased that Justin Bieber is promoting religion. He is making religion cool for those who believe. He is proving that you can have it all and still respect your beliefs.

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