Is Justin Bieber Single Again?

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Fans and haters are both spreading Justin Bieber single rumors on the internet. The reports, which have no basis whatsoever, allege that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are on the verge of a messy breakup. The cause? A text sent to former girlfriend Jasmine Villegas by Bieber. Apparently, Selena Gomez is an extremely jealous and overprotective jealous girlfriend. Or at least that’s what the Bieber, lovers, would want you to think.

Although internet searches such as “Justin Bieber breakup” and “Justin Bieber single,” are in the high numbers, there still is no real proof of the supposed Bieber-Gomez breakup drama. Bieber himself recently posted a Twitpic with him wearing a Selena Gomez concert tee.

Some fans feel the first hint at an impending breakup came a month ago, when Bieber sang the Justin Timberlake hit “Cry Me a River” at a Selena Gomez concert. Apparently, the song was chosen as a special message for Bieber’s girlfriend. Others grew worried about the relationship’s future when Selena Gomez told an interviewer that Justin Bieber is not “the one.” Her reasoning, of course, was that she’s too young to truly know where her life is going to go next. But some Beliebers took it as a sign of a breakup in the near future.

Until there’s a Twitter post from Selena Gomez naming Justin Bieber as single, most fans won’t take much stock in the current rumors. There just isn’t enough proof to back them up.

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