Is Kanye West Already Writing Kim Kardashian Break-up Album?

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In case it’s not already totally obvious that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s “relationship” is mostly a publicity stunt, now comes word that Yeezy is already planning their break-up!

According to MediaTakeOut, “Kanye is working on a number of NEW TRACKS” in which he disses an ex-girlfriend — and it sounds like he’s talking about Kim!

A “music industry insider” who claims to have heard some of Yeezy’s new material tells MTO that “Kanye may be creating an ENTIRE DISS ALBUM, which he’ll release after HE goes through a pre-planned MESSY BREAKUP with Kim Kardashian this summer.”

“It could be like Usher’s CONFESSIONS, where it’s a BREAKUP album … that would be EPIC,” the insider tells MTO.

Gossip Cop has a denial from “a West insider” (aka a Kardashian), who calls MTO’s report “so not true.” Gossip Cop even hilariously tries to sound outraged at the thought of such blatant fame-whoring, acting wide-eyed in disbelief that Yeezy would be “dating Kardashian for the sole purpose of breaking up with her — and then write an album about the split.” But come on. It’s not hard to imagine Kanye doing just that as some kind of bizarre performance art. And if a Kardashian is involved, you know they’ll do anything for publicity, so Kim probably doesn’t mind being “used” — especially if it makes people forget about her messy divorce. MTO’s not usually the most reliable of sources, but if anything is believable, it’s this.

What do you think? Is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s “relationship” real or fake? Would you download an album full of diss tracks about her? Sound off in the comments!

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