Is Kate Gosselin Engaged? Fans Want to Know!

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Is Kate Gosselin engaged? Goodness, is she even dating? The first question actually came from a fan late Thursday night on Twitter in response to Kate making her fans guess what her next tweet was going to be. So how did Gosselin answer the engagement question?

“Oh dear god! Like I tell my kids, you have to be dating someone to get married (or engaged) lol…,” tweeted Kate in response. Thank goodness. It isn’t as if she has time to date anyone right now anyway, at least the way that Kate complains about how busy her life is all the time.

So, how long will it be before Kate Gosselin gets back on the official dating circuit and actually dates someone seriously, yet alone gets engaged? Who knows, but it is safe to say that she will blab every last detail to the world like she does everything else. Especially like how Kate Gosselin tell all of her Twitter followers goodnight, basically every night. Oh, how sweet!

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