Is Kate Gosselin Wanted for ‘Playboy’?

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Kate Gosselin likely never asked to be in Playboy magazine, but if she had, Hugh Hefner’s answer would have been a negative one. Kate is on a list of a few people Hef said would never appear in his renown publication.

According to a report from Newser, it seems Hef was asked a while back how he would feel about specific celebrities appearing in Playboy. It seems that list is resurrected following word that child bride Courtney Stodden wants to appear in Playboy, Kate Gosselinbut was turned down as well.

So who is on the “no fly” list for Playboy magazine? Well, Kate is there. When Hef was asked if he’d ever consider the Kate Plus Eight star for a Playboy spread, his answer was short and certain.

“No! No!” he said.

Then there’s Britney Spears–but this was back in her era of messing up everything she touched. Hef thought she might be a contender, but only once she got her act together. To this day, Britney has never appeared in Playboy.

And then there’s Kelly Osbourne. Daughter of Ozzy and Sharon, she has lost considerable weight and totally redefined her look in the past couple of years. Still Hef doesn’t want her gracing his pages.

“I can’t see it happening somehow; we don’t airbrush to that extent,” he said.

Now that was rather mean–don’t you think?

Are you surprised that Hugh Hefner doesn’t want any of these ladies–Courtney Stodden, Kelly Osbourne and even mom of eight, Kate Gosselin, for a Playboy centerfold? Do you think any of them (aside from Stodden, who clearly doesn’t have the brains of a sand flea, and neither do her parents) would actually want to appear in the magazine?

It certainly doesn’t sound like the kind of thing the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star would want–but who knows? Kate says times are tough–and Hef doesn’t want her anyway.

Maybe she could snag a centerfold for Hustler instead?

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