Is Katie Holmes Pregnant?

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Is Katie Holmes pregnant? It seems as though she’s been trying to hide a baby bump recently.

If Katie really is caring her second child, Princess Suri will certainly be very displeased – she seems like the kind of kid who is really going to resent having to share her parents (and all the great stuff that they buy her) with a little brother or sister.

Just imagine what would happen if Katie had another little girl – Suri Cruise would likely transform into Hurricane Suri if she ever caught her little sister trying on a pair of her kitten heels or testing out her lipstick (no need to get in mommy’s closet or her makeup bag when your five-year-old sister is already rocking very grown-up looks like a fur coat and eyeshadow).

There’s not hard evidence that Suri Cruise will have to worry about a baby anytime soon, but Katie Holmes has been photographed looking a little frumpier than usual lately. However, it’s the way she’s been wearing a big red messenger bag that has sparked a rumor that she might be pregnant.

According to Babble, she’s been toting the bag around Manhattan all week and wearing it in a rather awkward manner by placing it in front of her midsection (you can see the photos here). So could she be hiding a baby bump, or is she simply suffering from a “food baby” like Katie Perry?

Katie Holmes has been looking a little tired lately, so it’s possible she’s just looking a little rough because she’s simply exhausted. Perhaps she hasn’t been working out lately, so she’s actually using the bag to hide her belly so that she doesn’t spark any rumors that she’s pregnant (she might have seen the commotion that Katie Perry’s slightly bulging belly has caused).

Tom Cruise has already expressed his desire to have another child, and he probably would love to have a son. However, he and Katie would probably want to hide her pregnancy as long as possible, but not because of the paparazzi – they’ll want to make sure Suri Cruise remains the center of attention as long as possible before they break the terrible news to her.

So what do you think – is Kate going to join the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Alyson Hannigan as a celeb who will have a little something extra to celebrate over the holidays?

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