Is Katie Yeager’s Baby Daddy Interfering With Her New Man?

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Katie Yeager recently broke up with her baby daddy Joey and has been looking for love elsewhere. She’s even developed quite the crush on a boy named Jesse Gordo. So, is Joey on board with her new relationship?

He doesn’t seem to be! Early this morning, Katie tweeted, “Thanks for f***ing up a good night. #youalwaysdo” Could Joey be retaliating because of jealousy? Although he was the reason for their split, he certainly isn’t happy about it. Katie is a beautiful, smart girl — and the mother of his daughter.

Katie recently went on a date with Jesse to the movies, and the two have been engaging in tickle fights, that’s right, tickle fights! Katie and Jesse are crushing hard and Joey doesn’t like it.

Hopefully, Joey will come around and let Katie Yeager live her life. If she’s found someone new, she should be allowed to move forward without a problem. Joey cheated on her and should leave her and her new relationship alone.

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