Is Katrina Kaif Only Successful Because She Slept with Salman Khan?

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What’s the secret to Katrina Kaif’s success? According to the writers of Heroine, it’s all due to sex with Salman Khan.

The details: A scene in Kareena Kapoor’s upcoming film includes questions from a journalist about a “foreign” actress’s success in the film industry. Kareena’s character claims that the foreign actress has only been successful because her boyfriend is a “top star.” now that could be anyone couldn’t it? Plenty of young actresses align themselves with more powerful actors or directors in order to get a foot in the door. It’s not the most sincere route to the top, but it happens. Katrina began dating Salman Khan very early in her career and it’s well accepted that her success has stemmed from her relationship with him.

But it’s the remainder of the scene that really seals the deal when it comes to deciding whether Katrina is the “inspiration” behind it. Bebo’s character says of the foreign actress, “her passport needs to be checked to identify her real name, age, and country of origin.”

Ouch! Yep, that’s definitely Katrina Kaif who’s being referenced there. In fact, that line is almost a direct quote of what Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor said on Koffee with Karan. Katrina’s last name isn’t actually Kaif, it’s Turquotte, and her Indian heritage has also been a bit suspect. This has definitely fueled resentment within the industry, and now it’s spilling over into filmi dialogue. Wonder what other star secrets are going to find their way onto the big screen in Heroine?! Bollywood? Want 24/7 updates on your favorite actors and actresses? Subscribe to Renee Shah’s Bollywood on Facebook today for interviews, news, videos, photos, and more!

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