Is Katy Perry Going Goth?

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What has Katy Perry’s divorce from Russell Brand done to her? For as long as fans can remember, Katy has been the reigning queen of bubblegum pop…complete with the wardrobe palate to go with it. Now it looks like Perry is heading for a change…to the darker side.

Yes, it looks like Katy Perry is going goth. As the blue dye fades from her raven-colored hair, Katy has warned fans that she is planning to go dark. Just how dark? If it looks like she is trying to completely redo her image, at least she has a bit of practice.

Perry has changed once before. She has already transformed from failed contemporary Christian artist to one of the best-selling pop music acts of all time.

The question fans may have is whether Russell Brand pushed Katy Perry down this path. Is Katy depressed about the end of her relationship or just using this moment in her life to reinvent herself. The reason is unclear, but what is clear is the transformation is underway…for better or worse.

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