Is Katy Perry Pregnant?

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Katy Perry has become the latest celeb to cause speculation that she might be pregnant with some bulging belly pics.

There was speculation for years that Jessica Simpson was pregnant because of her fluctuating weight, so will Katy start having the same problem?

Photos on The Superficial do seem to show Katy sporting just a little bit of a bump at the MTV EMAs. She’s wearing a super-tight dress that really shows off the curvature of her belly, but she also appears to be trying to cover up a little bit with a jacket. So was she using the coat to hide her pregnant tummy?

Katy Perry - Seattle, WA 7/20/2011Katy Perry and Russell Brand are reportedly headed to India where they were wed in order to work on their marriage, and perhaps they know they need to focus on it because there’s a baby on the way. Then again, they could actually be going there to celebrate the good news.

Then there’s always the possibility that Katy isn’t pregnant at all. While her bump does appear to be pretty prominent in the photos, it’s always possible that she’s suffering from a bit of PMS-induced bloating. After all, if she was truly trying to hide a pregnancy, why would she wear a dress that fits her like a second skin? The appearance of her stomach could also have something to do with her undergarments not fitting properly, and there are other photos out there where Katy’s belly appears to pooch out a little bit (as evidenced by the pic above).

So what do you think—is Katy Perry suffering from a big meal and a bad camera angle in the pics, or has Russell Brand knocked her up? If the baby news is true, it’s just too bad that Katy’s belly wasn’t big enough to pull a Beyoncé at the EMAs (she could have always used a fake bump—it wouldn’t be the craziest thing she’s ever worn).

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