Is Kendall Jenner a Topless Mermaid in an Instagram Photo?

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Kendall Jenner recently posted a topless photo of a thin brunette mermaid on her Instagram account, and some of her followers are wondering if the selfie-loving teen is the finned female in the photo.

The picture is a black and white shot of a dark-haired, super-skinny mermaid sitting on a rock while she sadly stares down at the sea. The sea siren does resemble Kendall quite a bit, and the photo would cause a pretty big scandal if the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was the girl in the picture—Kendall is still only 1018_fish_kendall17, after all, so there’s no way that she should be posing topless.

Fishwrapper says that the identity of the girl in the photo has not been confirmed, but anyone who has watched the MTV show Catfish knows that it’s easy enough to search for the origin of a picture using Google images search. A quick search reveals that the model’s name is Meghan Marie.

So why did Kendall Jenner share the topless mermaid photo? The explanation is probably pretty simple—she likes mermaids. Her sister, Kim Kardashian, also must be a big fan of the mythical beings since she dressed up as one last Halloween. Maybe Kendall is planning on wearing a similar Halloween costume this year and was dropping a hint to her Instagram followers, or perhaps she has mermaids on her mind because she’s a Once Upon a Time fan who is looking forward to seeing Joanna Garcia as Ariel.

Whatever her reason may be, it’s nice to know that Kendall was simply being a mermaid-loving teen girl by posting the photo and not actually posing topless in it.

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