Is Kendra Wilkinson Making Backhanded Remarks About Nerds?

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Maybe Kendra Wilkinson has a thing against nerds. Perhaps Kendra just thought the “Dancing Pierre’ video was funny. Whatever the case may be, Wilkinson should have to have a dance-off with a poor guy on YouTube.

Kendra decided to post a video from YouTube (which at the time of writing this only had 260 views on his video) of a guy she calls on her blog dancing Pierre:

Why would she single this poor guy out as her “LOL of the week?” Did the video really remind Kendra Wilkinson of the movie Napoleon Dynamite? Couldn’t she have found something else to make fun of, like LOLCats or something?

It probably would have been o.k. to post the video and think it was funny, but to offer a dance-off? That is out of control. Either Kendra Wilkinson really thinks she is that bad of a dancer (doubtful) or she just wants to embarrass this kid further. Talk about sad!

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