Is Kevin Jonas Going to Be a Daddy?

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Has Kevin Jonas already begun to spread his gazillion dollar seed?  Uncle John’s cousin Suzie’s other cousin three times removed’s hairdresser’s gardener saw him buy a pregnancy test at a local drugstore.  Really?  Kevin Jonas would buy his own pregnancy test?  Was Justin Bieber buying condoms in the next aisle?  Feel free to take this with a massive boulder of salt but if this article on is accurate, girls all over the world will surely cry in pathetic solidarity:

An eyewitness spotted the happy couple at a Rite Aid pharmacy in West Hollywood on September 16 — and they were buying a home pregnancy test! A friend has revealed that for Kevin and Danielle, a baby wouldn’t be out of the question, even though they’ve only been married for nine months. “They’re mature for their age, and they want to start a family,” a friend says. “They’d consider it a major blessing if Danielle was pregnant.”

Is this guy in a lightning race to go through every major life event by the time he’s 30?  The guy’s retirement will probably last 70 years.  And yeah, that’s jealousy talking.

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