Is Kim Kardashian a Bigger Diva than Kanye West?

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Last week there were multiple reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were planning to move in together. But is she already acting like the lady of the house?

According to The National Enquirer, Kim has been ordering around Kanye’s household staff and bodyguards — and is driving them crazy “with her diva-like demands!”

“Kim has completely taken over Kanye’s household and is driving the staff crazy with her seemingly endless lists of tasks,” a “source” dishes to the mag.

Kanye’s “housekeepers are … on red alert” because Kim makes them place fresh flowers around the house daily — how very Elton John of her! — and also refuses to eat any produce that wasn’t purchased that day. She’s also bossing around his bodyguards and “insisting they accompany her on shopping trips to carry her heavy bags.” Doesn’t she have her own bodyguards for that? Why would she use Kanye’s security staff instead of her own? There was a report a few months back claiming Kim would only keep seeing Kanye if he was “rich enough” for her, so maybe she finally figured out what his net worth is and figured she’d let him foot the bill for that.

But Kim isn’t just terrorizing Kanye’s household staff and bodyguards. Yeezy himself “hasn’t escaped her demands,” as she has insisted he remove “all traces” of his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, from his house.

“Kim and Kanye’s relationship has moved fast, and she’s setting the ground rules from the start,” The Enquirer‘s source says. “Kim wants a fresh start with Kanye. And these days, what Kim wants, Kim gets — even if it makes everyone around her crazy.”

That’s true — Kim is used to caring only about Kim, so ordering around “the help” would be par for the course for her. You can tell a lot about someone based on how they treat people in the service industry, so if Kim’s treating Kanye’s staff badly, he should think twice about staying with her.

What do you think? Is Kim Kardashian a bigger diva than Kanye West? Should she be nicer to his staff? Sound off in the comments!

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