Is Kim Kardashian Going on a Date with Kobe Bryant? Lamar Odom Plays Matchmaker!

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Is Kim Kardashian trading one NBA player for another?

The no-talent famewhore skank’s brother-in-law, Lamar Odom, has set her up with his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Kobe Bryant, is reporting.

According to the website, last season Lamar and Kobe talked about the superstar’s marital problems, and Lamar offered to set Kobe up with Kim if Kobe and his wife, Vanessa, split up. Now that Kobe and Vanessa are divorcing, he has agreed to go on a date with Kim.

“Kobe [always] had a crush on Kim, but he knew that if they ever dated, she’d go right to the press [writer’s note: ROFL!]. Now that he’s [legally separated] he doesn’t really care,” MTO’s insider dishes.

Kobe has already been linked to Kim’s former BFF, Carla DiBello, since his wife filed for divorce, which could be a reason to doubt MTO’s report. But Kim Kardashian obviously doesn’t care about hurting her friends’ feelings (see: cutting Brittny Gastineau out of her life for questioning her marriage to Kris Humphries, screaming at Jonathan Cheban for writing a tell-all book about her when he actually didn’t), so she wouldn’t have any problem seeing someone her friend already dated. All she cares about is what will get her the most press, and trading up from an NBA journeyman to one of the league’s biggest superstars would definitely do the trick. But Kim better not think she can cast Kobe as the groom in her next wedding special: He’s about to get taken to the cleaners by Vanessa, so he’s not going to want to deal with that again anytime son.

What do you think? Should Kim Kardashian go out with Kobe Bryant? Should she just try to tone down the famewhore stuff for a while? Sound off in the comments!

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